Roy Redman
Redman Pipe Organs began in 1966 with the rebuild of a 1909 tracker action organ for the First Methodist Church of Canton, Texas. Roy Redman became interested in organ building while a student at North Texas State University in 1956. This interest was further developed while attending Southern Methodist University where he received the Master of Sacred Music degree in 1964. The Canton project was accomplished after experience with several Texas organbuilders.
Since 1966, Redman Organ Company has specialized in the mechanical action pipe organ. Many such instruments have now been built, rebuilt or restored. The Redman Organ Company has several full-time and part-time employees. In 1983 a full production pipe shop was added to the existing facilities, making it possible to produce virtually every part required in the building of an organ. Any other parts are obtained from quality suppliers. The American Institute of Organbuilders certified Mr. Redman as master organbuilder. The firm is a member of the International Society of Organbuilders.
Tonally, Redman organs are based on historical traditions. However, the tonal resources of the organ are not limited by one specific period of organ history. The principal and flute choruses are the first consideration, together with appropriate reeds. Other stops are then included as needs and budget allow. This approach to tonal design endeavors to make the organ as comprehensive and suitable for the playing of as much literature as possible.
Prospective purchasers are encouraged to provide a live acoustic environment for the organ. Since the room is the only sounding board an organ has, it is especially important that the room be live and responsive. All music and speech will sound better in such a room and funds expended in providing such an environment will be repaid many times over.
We are in a position to build, rebuild, or restore for you a musical instrument that will be a lasting and valuable asset for your church, school, or home. It will add visual beauty as well. Our prices are competitive with electronic imitations, especially if the cost is pro-rated over the long life of a substantial instrument. This is contrasting to the uncertain longevity of instruments made up of components that are likely to become obsolete in a few years.
Your inquiries are always welcome and appreciated. We would enjoy exploring further with you the possibility of a new, rebuilt, or restored pipe organ for your church, school, or home. Please feel welcome to visit our shop and facilities in Fort Worth. It would be our privilege to serve your musical needs.